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#1. . As the height or altitude increases in arithmetical progression

#2. . In high mountain regions, bleeding through the nose occurs because pressure of blood in capillaries is

#3. When you stand close to a fast-moving train, near the edge of the platform, you will be sucked towards the train. This is due

#4. The hydraulic jack to lift heavy vehicles in automobile service stations is one of 7 the applications of

#5. Torricelli is the unit of

#6. The atmospheric pressure on a particular day was measured as 750 mm of 7 mercury. This pressure when measured in kilo-Pascals is: (Assume the density of mercury is 13600 kg/m³ and acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 ms-2

#7. A simple mercury barometer is found in a slightly slanting position. The atmospheric pressure

#8. The instrument used to determine the relative density of a liquid by the principle of floatation is

#9. A lactometer is used to

#10. . A body floats in a liquid of specific gravity 1.2. If the weight of the body is 120 g, the volume of the liquid displaced is

#11. A conical vessel having a bottom area of 15 sq.cm contains a liquid. If the pressure of the liquid at the bottom is 100 dynes/cm² the total thrust at the bottom is

#12. Solids have definite shapes. This is because

#13. The attraction of unlike molecules at the common surface is known as

#14. Meniscus of mercury in a capillary tube is

#15. When a drop of oil is placed on the surface of water, it spreads over the entire surface because the surface tension of oil

#16. A small amount of blue ink is carefully poured into a beaker of water. In a few minutes, the entire water acquires a light blue color. The physical process involved here is

#17. Mercury does not stick to glass because

#18. Oil rises in the wick of a lamp through

#19. . Rain drops are spherical in shape because of

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