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Computer Science MCQ Test 1: Basic Examination Quiz for NET Aspirants

1. The hardware consists of the actual

  •  Components of the software
  •  Components of the computer system
  •  components of the computer
  •  None of the above

2. The component of the computer system which performs processing functions is called the

  •  Monitor
  •  Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  •  main memory
  •  control unit

3. A computer is a device for automatically carrying out a/an

  •  instructions
  •  information
  •  program of instruction
  •  none of the given

4. Peripheral devices consist of input devices, output devices and

  •  None of the above
  •  Secondary storage device
  •  arithmetic operation
  •  logical operations

5. Programs and data that are entered into a computer to be processed are called

  •  output
  •  input
  •  no answer here
  •  no change

6. Machine language is the only language that the computer can directly execute and is different for each type of

  •  Computer
  •  hardware computer only
  •  none of the above
  •  supercomputer only

7. The primary storage unit also refereed to as

  •  main memory,
  •  All of the given
  •  internal storage
  •  primary memory

8. There is no limit to the length of

  •  Pascal program
  •  Structured programming language
  •  structured programming language
  •  None of the given

9. Pascal, a structural programming language, was developed by

  •  George Boole
  •  None of the given
  •  Niklaus
  •  Pascal.B

10. Minicomputers manufactured today are more powerful than

  •  microcomputer
  •  mainframes
  •  None of the above
  •  Supercomputer

11. In a supercomputer, a machine must be capable of performing at least

  •  5 million arithmetic operations per second
  •  10 million arithmetic operations per second
  •  None of the given
  •  20 million arithmetic operations per second

12. Pascal contains statements that allow the programmer to efficiently alter the flow of program execution by using decision

  •  None of the given
  •  Structure only
  •  loops only
  •  structures and loops

13. When data is processed, or converted to some meaningful form, this is called

  •  CPU
  •  none of the above
  •  ALU
  •  information

14. Disk and tape drives are commonly used

  •  Secondary storage devices
  •  None of the above
  •  Soft copy
  •  Hard copy

15. The arithmetic unit (ALU) performs

  •  Mathematics computations
  •  Primary memory
  •  CPU
  •  Secondary memory

16. A computer can only execute instructions that are in

  •  assembly language
  •  machine language
  •  job control program
  •  none of the given

17. One of the more modern programming languages is called

  •  Pascal
  •  Assembly language
  •  None of the given
  •  higher language

18. Peripheral devices can be divided into

  •  Two general categories
  •  Three general categories
  •  five categories
  •  Four general categories

19. Arithmetic and logic operations are the only types of instructions that the

  •  none of the above
  •  Hardware is able to execute
  •  ALU is able to execute
  •  CPU is able to execute

20. Assembly languages also referred to as

  •  None of the above
  •  high language program
  •  low-level language
  •  machine language

21. The communication between the CPU and external modules takes place via the

  •  databases only
  •  address only
  •  none of the given
  •  address and databases

22. A given computer system can have

  •  only one input devices
  •  not more than two input devices
  •  much different inputs devices
  •  none of the above

23. For most business applications, the extremely high-speed processing capabilities of a super computer

  •  (a) are necessary
  •  both (a) and (b) are correct
  •  None of the above
  •  (b) are not necessary

24. In block-structured language, programs are composed of subprograms or blocks, each designed to perform a

  •  Specific task
  •  loop
  •  decision structures
  •  none of the given

25. Which of the following computer in its own internal operations. These are called.

  •  Mainframes
  •  supercomputer
  •  microcomputer
  •  none of the above

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