The Cell MCQ Test 1: Basic Quiz for NET Aspirants (Cell Biology)

The Cell MCQ Test 1

Hello Aspirant, You are in The Cell topic in the Cell Biology subject. This is the basic practice test to brush back your basics. The test is prepared with minimum 25 question and it carries 1 marks for each correct answer.

To start the test first follow the instructions below then click “Start Quiz button”.

The questions with four option will be displayed on the screen. Read each question carefully and choose the correct answer. Then click on Finish Quiz button after choosing all answers.
Your results will be displayed on the screen. To know the answers, click on “View Questions”. All the best.

Welcome to CSIR NET Life Sciences Online Test series.

Welcome to Biological Sciences Online test series.


  • Total number of questions : 25
  • Time allotted : 25 minutes.
  • Each question carry 1 mark, no negative marks.

  • Start the test by push the “START QUIZ” button
  • After finish the test, just click the “Finish quiz” button given at the bottom of this page to submit your answer.
  • The test will be submitted automatically if the time expired.
  • Don’t refresh the page.

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