Unit 1: Molecules and their interactions relevant to biology

This is the first unit and it has the following topics which are taken from the CSIR NET life sciences syllabus.

  1. Structure of atoms, molecules, and chemical bonds.
  2. Composition, structure, and function of biomolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and vitamins).
  3. Stabilizing interactions (Van der Waals, electrostatic, hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interaction, etc.).
  4. Principles of biophysical chemistry (pH, buffer, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, colligative properties).
  5. Bioenergetics, glycolysis, oxidative phosphorylation, coupled reaction, group transfer, biological energy transducers.
  6. Principles of catalysis, enzymes and enzyme kinetics, enzyme regulation, mechanism of enzyme catalysis, isozymes
  7. Conformation of proteins (Ramachandran plot, secondary structure, domains, motif, and folds).
  8. Conformation of nucleic acids (helix (A, B, Z), t-RNA, micro-RNA).
  9. Stability of proteins and nucleic acids.
  10. Metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids nucleotides, and vitamins.

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