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#1. ARPANET stands for?

#2. Internet can help you find the shortest route

#3. In this technique, there is no direct contact between users and their programs during execution

#4. A technique that marked the beginning of computer communications

#5. . A type of technique in which dumb terminals are connected to a central computer system

#6. TCP stands for?

#7. The “Victorian internet” is actually?

#8. Packet switching was invented in?

#9. . The probability of failure-free operation of a software application in a specified environment for a specified time

#10. DARPA stands for?

#11. What does SVGA stand for?

#12. The devices that used to give single or multiple colored images and drawings are ____________

#13. Line Printers that print one line at a time are _________

#14. PCI stands for _________

#15. The physical devices of a computer:

#16. Software Package is a group of programs that solve multiple problems.

#17. ____________ refer to renewing or changing components like increasing the main memory, or hard disk capacities, or adding speakers, or modems, etc.

#18. Which of the following is designed to control the operations of a computer?

#19. . Which of the following is not an example of system software?

#20. A person who designs the programs in a software package is called:

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